Meet Wood & Saw

Craft | Integrity | Creativity

We deliver one of a kind custom home and remodeling projects that make our clients vision come to life. By listening to our clients we realize their unique vision for their project through our simple design process. Throughout the design and construction process we build trust by doing what we say, and saying what we do.

At Wood & Saw our dedication to being the best is realized by not only our precision craftsmanship and eye for symmetry, but our desire to be the best by continually learning the latest in building science and design. Our extensive knowledge and processes provide our clients with the finest custom homes and renovations that are designed to deliver their vision from the outset with durability, aesthetic beauty, and precision craftsmanship built in.

Meet Andrew 

A Legacy Of Craftsmanship

In His Blood

With two decades of carpentry experience mixed with project management, and design experience, along with a BBA Degree from Grand Valley State University. Andrew offers a unique blend of talents to his clients. He comes from a long lineage of carpenters and tradesmen on both sides of his family tree. He prides himself on his attention to detail, with his belief that the details are what make the difference between good and exceptional work.

Picture of Andrew James Gielczyk, Founder of Wood & Saw Remodeling and Home Building of Holland, MI
Andrew Gielczyk, Founder of Wood & Saw

Less Is More

Driven by a minimalist approach to life, Andrew enjoys the simple things. Whether it be hikes with his family, a craft brew with friends, or a home cooked meal made with local, organic ingredients from the farmers market.

His minimalist approach can also be seen in his design work. His preference leans towards well thought out space built of high quality materials. Rather than the more common residential design approach that tends to gravitate towards larger and cheaper, just to squeeze out unnecessary volume and square footage.

Thirst For Sustainability

As an avid reader, he believes in lifelong learning. His passion for all things sustainable has led him through years worth of reading on the subject. He loves being able to apply his constantly growing knowledge to every project he works on.